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"Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"



BCBC Coffee Roasters, Inc. is a part of the BCBC group of companies. It all started in the vibrant town of Evanston, IL when Coffee Lab started off as a small coffee shop. Since opening in 2010, BCBC Coffee Lab has had a simple goal, and that was to bring joy to people by being the best coffee shop in the neighborhood. It’s a goal that keeps us striving, since we believe anyone can always be better. Coffee Lab's approach has been to roast the best beans possible and brew them on the most authentic equipment in the world. We are proud to serve you high-quality drip-coffee, our own roasted specialty pour-over coffee, aromatic loose-leaf teas, and hand-crafted espresso beverages.


Anyone that walks through the front doors of our coffee shops are our guests. It is our passion to improve the lives of our guests by bringing a richer, more vibrant, and more beautiful experience to each individual: one cup, one smile, one experience, and one opportunity at a time. As the neighborhood's favorite coffee shop and Evanston's very own tradition, it's been our continued mission that we foster an environment of support for ALL people in the community that we serve.

It wasn't until 2017 that BCBC Coffee Lab added another sector to it's ministry - a roastery; making fine gourmet, high quality micro-roasted coffee to share with everyone. 


The mission of the BCBC  group of companies is based on the Bible verse, "Love your neighbor as yourself "(Mark 12:31). In fulfilling our mission, we strive to provide a safe and welcoming place for all people, regardless of their background. In addition to our hospitality, we want to show our love to humanity by helping those in need. 



We plan to open more locations. We are currently pursuing opening our second coffee shop in the Chicago metro area. This gives us the opportunity to provide job opportunities and skilled training for the unemployed, troubled youth, the homeless, or anyone that has a passion for coffee. Other projects include housing and collaborating with coffee farmers abroad. Just recently, we opened our first roasting facility in Washington DC with plans to open another roasting facility in Chicago. 



B.C.B.C stands for “Beyond Coffee and Beyond Church". These words indicate the ministry of our organization that functions as a bridge between the church and the world beyond the boundaries of church. We wants to show the world what it truly means to be a good neighbor by providing a safe place of friendship for anyone that wants to share their life and faith journey.


Our focus is showing love through our actions within our community. Our coffee shops, in particular, are places where believers, non-believers, neighbors, friends and new people can meet in peace. Our hospitality and our passion to help those in need is how we do ministry.

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